The Michelson Organization: Asset Management

Michelson drives cash flow and value with through value added activities in capital market optimization, proprietary information systems, rental revenue optimization, other revenue enhancements, energy conservation, purchasing power, real estate tax appeals and risk management areas.

Capital Market Optimization: Michelson uses a proprietary system of identifying unique opportunities to sell assets for premiums, understanding when future supply and demand factors are likely to affect values and utilizing debt advantageously.

Proprietary Information Systems: Michelson developed a specialized information system to provide insights into trends and anomalies of actual operations compared to established expectations.

Rental Revenue Optimization: Michelson uses a unique revenue optimization program that empowers on-site associates to maximize rental revenue through a technological and customer based system of allocating and pricing inventory.

Other Revenue Enhancements: While rental revenue provides the vast majority of income for properties, Michelson uses a number of programs to obtain additional revenues through ancillary products, revenue sharing arrangements with service providers and value added services for residents.

Energy Conservation: Michelson has programs to reduce utility costs through conservation in a manner that retains and attracts residents.

Purchasing Power: Utilizing a combination of national accounts and local vendors, Michelson takes advantage of discounts through nationally negotiated contracts and local pricing advantages.

Real Estate Tax Appeals: Through a combination of direct discussions with local assessors and contracts with selected consultants, Michelson produces owner advantaged results for real estate tax assessments.

Risk Management: Costs from adverse events can be reduced through a combination of education, policies, procedures and insurance. Michelson utilizes a number of different strategies to reduce costs and purchase appropriate, affordable and reliable insurance against losses.

Michelson outperforms the market through: