The Michelson Organization: Investment Strategies

Michelson acquires core, core-plus and value added properties in the growth sub-markets of most significant cities. Our track record shows a solid history of strong risk-adjusted returns from a number of investment strategies that focus on assest quality, sub-market dynamics, buying opportunities, management opportunities, strategic property improvements and intelligent capital structures.

Asset Quality: Quality product in strong sub-markets can outperform competitors in strong and soft markets.

Sub-Market Dynamics: Stable and improving sub-markets offer better prospects for increasing rental rates and asset values.

Buying Opportunities: Michelson has a long history of acquiring assets with unrealized potential, prior to strong market moves and from motivated sellers.

Management Opportunities: Michelson’s Commitment to Quality philosophy offers one of many tools that Michelson uses to outperform close competitors with existing high quality management. Michelson can improve operations at well-run properties and at under managed properties.

Strategic Property Improvements: Minor repositioning to complete rehabilitations and expansions can unlock hidden value at properties.

Intelligent Capital Structures: Advantageous and selective use of debt, tax-advantaged and equity structures can increase equity values in simple and complex situations.

Michelson outperforms the market through: